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Foscam Monitor

Mídia e vídeos
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Make your Foscam IP camera accessible from any Android device. Use Foscam Monitor to manage every aspect of your camera: position, video properties, motion detection, etc. Works with both wifi and mobile internet connection.Turn your camera into a baby monitor!Enable the "baby-monitor mode" in order to keep on playing audio while app is in the background or the screen is turned off. Perfect as baby monitor!
You have more than one camera? Use the grid view to see 2 or more cameras at a glance. Foscam Monitor supports up to 16 cameras!
You don't know the IP of a camera you just connected to your router? Foscam Monitor will find it for you. Please note the IP of a camera in a local network is not the same as the IP needed to see it over the internet. Have a look to the following guide to know how setup your router to make your camera accessible over the internet:
App features include:
- Fast video streaming, up to 30 fps depending on camera model and network conditions- Receive audio from the camera- Talk through camera speaker- Baby-monitor mode- Get notifications upon alarm detection- Automatically capture images and save them to gallery upon alarm detection
- Motion control: up/down/left/right, zoom in/out, scan horizontally/vertically, move to preset position- Motion control adjustments: reverse left/right up/down controls, set preset positions- Video adjustments: contrast, brightness, flip/mirror image, infrared lights on/off - PTZ settings: determine camera's motion speed- Motion detection alarm settings: manage motion detection alarm activation and settings from your android device- Mail service management: manage camera's mail service from your android device- Flexible grid view- Up to 16 cameras
- Automatically detects cameras in your local area network- Automatically check connection to camera as you enter camera settings- Fullscreen view
Foscam Monitor is fully compatible with Dericam and other clone brands.
Try out the DEMO version:
-------- IMPORTANT --------
Due to incompatibility between Foscam SDK library and Android 6.0.x, Foscam Monitor app is currently unable to start direct-connection mode on some devices running Android 6.0.x. Furthermore, recent Google Play policy prevents us from fixing this issue by downgrading target OS version from Android 6.0.1 to Android 5.1.
If you are already using Foscam Monitor and have experience this problem, please install